Kentucky's most qualified candidate: Stephen Knipper

Why is Steve Knipper the MOST Qualified?

A successful CEO once told Steve, "True leadership is the ability to identify a root problem and have the personal skills, courage and persistence to solve it!"               -Jack Schiff, CEO and Chairman of the Board for Cincinnati Financial Corporation.

 In 2015, all 2019 Republican candidates for Secretary of State knew all the problems in the S.O.S. office, but only Steve Knipper decided to do something about it.

Everyone told Steve to stay out of the race saying: "It was political suicide", and "Losing to Grimes would end his political career." Steve heard time after time,    "Just wait till 2019 when Grimes is term limited and it will be much easier."

In 2015 Steve Knipper rejected the notion that you neglect a known problem for future personal gain.  Steve's plan was simple: 

  1. Clean up the voter registration rolls
  2. Veri-VOTE 2019  (An I.T. legal process developed by Zoeticode that exceeds VOTER ID with no cost, no data collection and no additional voter tasks.)
  3. New process will be County friendly, flexible and effective!

In 2015 Steve "did the right thing."  He set out against a well funded, nationally known incumbent who outspent him 20:1, but who won by a slim margin of 1.87%.


How was that possible?  Steve Knipper correctly identified the problems in the S.O.S. office: years of neglect by previous office holders, 

and candidates who lacked the skills and courage to address the real issues. Specifically : 

In 2015, 18 Kentucky counties had more registered voters than citizens. In 2018, that number increased to 48 counties with serious voting issues.

              (Click below to read the article or download the PDF that shows the problem worsened under Attorney's Grimes and Michael Gene Adams tenure) 

What professional skills are needed to modernize the Secretary of State's office and meet KY's challenges?

We need someone with the IT experience to modernize the office and protect the votes and the business experience to deal with the financial deficit in the office. We do NOT need another lawyer in the S.O.S. office

KY can't afford an S.O.S. that needs on the job training.  

We need someone with established Executive (Gubernatorial) relationships necessary to make the office more than an Administrative function.  

"The main problem with on line registration and other technological advances is the lack of a secure infrastructure. Voter data can, and will be breached without the correct cyber security in place AND an IT professional at the wheel as Secretary of State."          -Steve Knipper KET debates with Alison Grimes -2015

If they did NOTHING while in office, why would we trust them seeking higher office?

In 2015  Knipper warned: "The SOS office will have significant financial short-falls, estimated to be around 35 million dollars."


Alison Grimes, our current Secretary of State, and Michael Gene Adams, Board of Elections Member under Grimes and current candidate for S.O.S. 2019, DID NOTHING!

The people of KY deserve better than the Washington elitist mentality that got us here in the first place. "Let's make it right"- Vote Knipper

Download the above linked articles

Download newspaper articles and copies of actual court documents as proof to my claims.

Judicial Watch sues Alison Grimes and Michael G Adams over dirty voter rolls (pdf)


Judicial Watch Sues Grimes and Adams Over Dirty Voter Registration Rolls - Judicial Watch Article 2017 (pdf)


Kentucky Secretary of State responds to poor election security grade PDF article (pdf)