The Plan for Kentucky

Knipper's leadership since 2015

Grimes v t


  •  2015- Knipper had the courage to face Alison Grimes, even when it wasn't politically expedient.

  •  2015-Knipper identified the voter roll problem in 2015. "We are out of Federal compliance with at least (18) eighteen of our counties" -K.E.T. debate  9/21/15

  • DID YOU KNOW? Your voter data was sold on the dark web in 2018?  This will only spike voter fraud and could endanger the lives of our service men and women.

2017-Judicial Watch sues KY over dirty voter registration rolls (Click to read)

S.O.S. (Save our State)


  • The issues in the Secretary of State office ALL revolve around I.T./ Cybersecurity problems.  Knipper has 15 years experience in this field.

  • We need clean rolls. KY has gone from (18) eighteen counties with more registered voters than citizens to (48) forty eight counties. By year end, we will have over (60) sixty.  Knipper will act day one, no waiting for direction, or on the job training.

  • KY needs to improve the speed of voting.  Steve has already worked with Vendors to find technological solutions to make voting accurate with less time in line!

  • DID YOU KNOW? Steve Knipper was the first person to be contacted by the Board of Elections whistleblower, Matt Selph,  over the misconduct going on in the SOS office? Selph said, "I remembered why you ran in 2015, and knew you could help."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

2018-Kentucky Secretary of State responds to poor election security grade (Click to read)

Kentucky will have VOTER ID

Steve Knipper and Lt. Governor, former Secretary of State and friend, Jon Husted at an RLGA event.

  •  Knipper called for VOTER ID in 2015 along with clean voter rolls as part of the plan  worked with the S.O.S. of Ohio, Jon Husted.

  • Ohio's voter roll plan was shared with Knipper and went on to be challenged in court. In 2018, it was confirmed VALID by the United States Supreme Court.  NO LIBERAL GROUP or other SOS candidates can challenge it or try to steal it. ONLY Knipper has the plan.

  • Knipper's Business Customer Service Plan has been given high praise from the Economic Development Office.

  • DID YOU KNOW? Knipper sees the need, but more importantly, has the skill set to bring this office where it needs to be in today's world.  NO OTHER CANDIDATE running has that skill set or experience.

We need Churchill, not Chamberlain as SOS, contribute today!

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Download newspaper articles and copies of actual court documents regarding Kentucky's dire situation.

Judicial Watch sues Alison Grimes and Michael G Adams over dirty voter rolls (pdf)


Judicial Watch Sues Grimes and Adams Over Dirty Voter Registration Rolls - Judicial Watch Article 2017 (pdf)


Kentucky Secretary of State responds to poor election security grade PDF article (pdf)


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