Testimonials (Links in Blue)

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"Great race, against long odds...none the less, a wonderful race!"

   Senator Rand Paul   11/04/2015

"I have seen you do an amazing job as an IT Project Manager"

"I have seen you do an amazing job as an IT Project Manager in the healthcare industry,  You have my vote!"                                                                                                                           -Julie S. Turner,  Director CHI  2/23/2018

Quick Facts

Steve Knipper is the only candidate with: (Links are in blue highlights)

  • 471,239 previous votes in the 2015 Secretary of State race.(More than the 2015 Democratic nominee PLUS the third party candidate for Governor COMBINED.)

  • The statewide connections since 2015 to secure 5 out 6 Congressional districts on $40,000 compared to my 2015 competitor who had over $600,000.

  • I.T. professional certifications needed to modernize the S.O.S. office. 

  • Steve is raising the money for his race from Kentuckians. Unlike others in the race who are self funding or using out of state resources.

  • Private sector / corporate experience that actually relates to the duties of the KY Secretary of State. 

  • Previous elected official experience.

  • Established relationships within State, Local and Federal Government.

  • Adoption experience to know how to streamline the process and unite child and parents faster.

  • Current and reoccurring military interaction with the KY National Guard, Active duty members and Veterans.

  • An established relationship with the KY adjutant General.

  • An international business plan to enhance KY in STEM and work force development area, thus bringing high paying jobs to KY that remain.

  • Experience in dealing with the coming 2020 U.S. Census-Appointed to Federal/State board as proxy for Lt, Governor-2018 (Very important for understanding voter representation and district sizes.)

  • Active dealings with State Military affairs and Veterans affairs to make KY the most friendly VETERAN state.