What makes the best Candidate? Vision, Skills, & Experience

Why is Steve Knipper the MOST Qualified?


"True leadership is the ability to identify a root problem and have the personal skills, courage and persistence to solve it!" -Jack Schiff, CEO and Chairman of Cincinnati Financial Corporation.

Ever notice how everyone who runs for office has a VISION? 

That doesn't mean they have the skills, experience, or knowledge to be the next Secretary of State.




In 2015, Steve was instrumental in devising a clean-up procedure for Ohio's Secretary of State, which has since passed constitutional scrutiny by the U.S. Supreme Court.  That plan will be used to clean up KY's database, specifically addressing the problem with our 48 counties that have more registered voter than citizens.  This process can begin on day one that Steve Knipper becomes the 77th Secretary of State. We can not afford the next Secretary of State to have on the job training!

2.  GIVE DEFINITION to the Secretary of State's title: CHIEF BUSINESS OFFICER.

Steve has over 15 years experience working in Fortune 500 and Forbes 200 companies, and interacting daily with their CEO's, CFO's & CIO's. As a Project Management Professional, Steve has the applicable business acumen with the necessary technological skills to deliver secure, state-of-the-art service to businesses of any size, any where in the world.  

As one of the Senior Managers within the Executive Branch, Steve's established contacts with Economic Development, Department of Local Government and various International consulate generals are within Kentucky's cutting edge fields of Aerospace, Aeronautics and Automobile manufacturing.  Steve's skill set has been designed to match his goals he established when he first ran in 2015 and remain unmatched by an other candidate running for Secretary of State.

3. REDESIGN workflow and outdated processes to save time and money.  

The Secretary of State has many administrative functions. Steve has 15 years experience and certified in Six Sigma process and workflow management. He has streamlined and automated many processes for Fortune 500 companies to improve effectiveness and efficiency. Steve will bring these necessary skills to this office.

When it's time for old-fashioned hard work, and you have to roll up your sleeves and apply state of the art ideas, the last person that comes to mind is an Attorney.  We've had an Attorney in that role for the last 15 years .  If an Attorney was the answer, Kentucky would not be the second worst state in voter rolls maintenance and one of the last to utilize modern economic development.  If you want Kentucky to succeed it matters who the next Secretary of State is in 2019.  "LET'S MAKE IT RIGHT!"

* For more details of the plan, scroll down to the major responsibilities of the KY S.O.S.*

2017-Judicial Watch sues KY over dirty voter registration rolls (Click to read)

What professional skills are needed to modernize the Secretary of State's office and meet KY's challenges?


Someone with I.T. experience is ideally suited for the office. That technical skill, along with professional workflow process and years of business experience is what is needed to advance Kentucky.

2018-Kentucky Secretary of State responds to poor election security grade (Click to read)

If they did NOTHING while in office, why would we trust them seeking higher office?


Our current Secretary of State, along with the entire Board of Elections (including current candidate Mike Adams, for Secretary of State), required two whistleblowers- Democrat and Republican, followed by a national lawsuit to GET SOMETHING STARTED.   Now, even that small start has been delayed as things go back to court.  Steve showed he's a man of action and the best candidate by challenging Alison directly in 2015, and he will show the same strength as Secretary of State in 2019.  Mike Adams sat on the sidelines in 2015 and when given the golden chance on the Board of Elections to clean up the rolls, he remained passive & low energy.  Knipper's actions SPEAK LOUDER than current campaign rhetoric and slogans.  Vote Knipper for Kentucky Secretary of State.

We need Churchill, not Chamberlain as SOS, contribute today!

Download the above linked articles

Download newspaper articles and copies of actual court documents regarding Kentucky's dire situation.

Judicial Watch sues Alison Grimes and Michael G Adams over dirty voter rolls (pdf)


Judicial Watch Sues Grimes and Adams Over Dirty Voter Registration Rolls - Judicial Watch Article 2017 (pdf)


Kentucky Secretary of State responds to poor election security grade PDF article (pdf)


Steve Knipper: Today's Secretary of state

Today's Secretary of State

Diane St.Onge, Thomas Massie, Incumbent, Knipper, Bevin, Chief Elections Officer, Chief Business,

  • Technology has changed the world. KY's next Secretary of State must possess business, I.T., and cyber security skills to keep elections safe, protect voter data, and make KY inviting for new business. 

  • Traditionally, the Secretary of State has been an Attorney.  As a result, Kentucky has fallen behind other states' S.O.S. offices because of a  "technology gap" that is needed to function in the electronic age. The position for KY S.O.S. requires a new skill set centered around electronic data transfer, cyber security and convenience for the people of KY.  Instead, we are seeing what a lack of this skill set brings to the office: November of 2018, ALL of KY's voter data was hacked and 'for sale' on the dark web.  Despite my call in 2015 and again In August 2018 for tighter cyber security measures, The "D" grade Alison received in cyber security seemed very gracious.

  •  Cyber attacks are going to pick up in intensity and frequency.  If KY wants to be competitive we need an I.T. professional as our next S.O.S. Steve Knipper has the necessary skills and experience needed to make KY a leader in the nation in keeping clean rolls, privacy and security.

Click for Steve's Resume

Chief Elections Officer

knipper, Hampton, Massie, Diane St.Onge, Carl Nett, KY filing deadline, SOS, Lieutenant Governor

  • The Secretary of State is the Chief Elections Officer.  In 2015, Steve Knipper said 18 counties had more registered voters than citizens and the problem will get worse. Today, we have 48 counties and a Federal lawsuit against Alison Grimes and Michael G. Adams, a former board of elections member turned 2019 S.O.S. candidate. 

  •  For over a year and a half as a Board Member, Adams did NOTHING to clean up the voter rolls . Adams was SILENT and COMPLIANT with Alison's wishes, despite KY law stating otherwise:  117.015 State Board of Elections -- Powers, duties, membership. (1) There shall be a State Board of Elections which shall administer the election laws of the state and supervise registration and purgation of voters within the state  Now he wants to be Secretary of State?

  •  Our next S.O.S. must have the courage to clean up and protect our voter rolls and processes. It is the foundation of our Republic. Why would we elect another Attorney with no technical experience and a history and work ethic that mirrors Grimes?  "Let's make it right" by making Steve Knipper KY's 77th S.O.S. 

CLICK-KY Board of Elections Main Duties

Advocate of Elections

Chief of Staff, Governor, Husted,, Hampton, Lt. Governor, KY, KY Elections, Republican primary,  SOS

  • The Advocate of Elections is another  function of the Secretary of State.  The principal role has always been 'How to increase interest in voting.' 

  • In his time with Lt. Governor Hampton, Steve Knipper built thousands of relationships with schools throughout the Commonwealth. Voter apathy is a large problem, but one that we can overcome if caught early enough.

  • The best way to advocate voting and participation is to let the citizens of KY know their votes count.  Today, with all the stories of corruption, lawsuits and tainted voter data rolls people are losing confidence in the belief that their vote makes a difference.  In 2015, Steve Knipper worked with Ohio S.O.S. to clean up the voter rolls in Ohio and then use a version of the plan in KY.  "My goal was to make sure each KY voter knows their vote matters. Moreover, those who have voted illegally or multiple times in the past will NOT be able to do that anymore." 

  • The plan is ready to be implemented day one that Steve takes office and it's already been constitutionally scrutinized and passed by the U.S. Supreme Court .                                                                                                                              

Click- Ohio Voter clean up is upheld


KY Veteran Hall of Fame,  KY Colonel, KY National Guard, Bluegrass Challenge, KY Vets, Carl Nett

  • When your boss is a KY Veteran hall of fame member, one gets to understand and greatly appreciate the sacrifices the men and women of our armed forces make to protect our liberty.  "THANK YOU" is not nearly enough to say.

  •  If I am the next Secretary of State I will make military voting a priority. I've reviewed other state's processes and discussed with several military personnel what works best for the man or woman stationed overseas and voting. I have a plan to work with each County Clerk to make KY the best Military voting platform in the country.

  • I have very strong and established relationships with the KY National Guard, various defense departments in the Federal Government, Office of Military Affairs, Office of Veterans Affairs, KY Veteran's Hall of fame and the State Adjutant General, Stephen Hogan . Moreover, I host a monthly meeting with the Lt. Governor and all serving Directors of the above departments. Results of our efforts include: The Bluegrass Challenge ability to provide diplomas to students enrolled. This effort was thought to be impossible, but just last year I attended the first Graduation class.

  • Additionally, Steve's research and Legislative efforts with Military Affairs to make KY the most friendly state to Veterans is showing progress.  With the help of Colonel Blaine Hedges (Ret.), real progress is being made for both military bases in KY and those veterans who choose to call KY home after retirement.             

Chief Business Officer

KY Economy, KY Business, Mazak, Hampton, Knipper, SOS, Ditto, Chief Business Officer, One stop shop

  • The most underutilized role of KY Secretary of State is that of Chief Business Officer.  For years, the SOS has served an administrative role in business filings. Prior office-holders tried to develop a "One Stop Shop" to meet business needs.  But because they lacked both business acumen and IT experience, the "One Stop Shop" is anything but.  It is cumbersome and outdated.  We can do better.  And with Steve Knipper in the S.O.S. office, we will do better.  

  • With the influx of new business to the state, we must have a modern, functional system that gives KY a competitive advantage and brings a higher level of service to KY business owners.  Steve has the expertise and experience to implement such a system.  

I.T./ Cybersecurity

IT, Cybersecurity, SOS, Bevin, Hacking Hampton, We are KY, KY Cabinet Secretary, 2019, best SOS

  • The engine in back of any process, records retention, or advancement is electronic technology.  Technology enhances our efficiencies and cuts down on expense; and in Government that is important! 

  • My track record as an elected official, Transition team member and Chief of Staff to our Lt. Governor has been to greatly reduce the operating budget while increasing services with technology and the knowledge I obtained from some of the best CEO's in the private sector. 

  • As an IT Professional I've worked in the Cyber security, Information Technology, Business Analysts roles for Fortune 200 and S&P 500 Corporations.  I have worked directly against foreign and domestic cyber threats in order to maintain integrity and security of private data. 

  • As Secretary of State these are crucial skills to have because there is no need for expensive outsourcing or lack of experience in the event of a breach. I had the responsibility of protecting the country's second largest Hospital group. In Steve's time with them, he never had a hijack or breach of data that compromised patient, financial, operational or access data for 85 hospitals, including peripherals.

  • As part of the last State Government Transition team, Steve evaluated the state's data facilities and is quite aware of what KY. has and what is needed.