Resume and Credentials

Stephen Knipper Professional Resume


Northern Kentucky University-Bachelor of Arts in Political Science- 1995

Villanova University-Six Sigma Certification-2004

Project Management Institute-International Certification in Project Management Professional (P.M.P.)-2005

Area of Concentration/Experience: IT Ethics and Privacy, Network Design and Cyber security

Awards & Recognition

Nationally Certified Professional Business Analyst- IT Vision, Solution & Integration. 2004 –2010

Top Honors in Modern Management Series. 2011–2013

Excellence in Mass & Interpersonal Communication; Motivational Leadership with a Vision Award. 2011 – 2013 

State wide recognition from Kentucky League of Cities as successful NKY city official in Frankfort, 2015 

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Work Experience

  • Commonwealth of Kentucky -2015-Present. Chief of Staff -Office of the Lieutenant Governor & Gubernatorial Senior Management member. Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Strategist & Policy Adviser and Proxy for the Lieutenant Governor for various Boards and Commissions and Government Departments. Lead for many special Administration initiatives. 
  • Catholic Health Initiatives- 2011-2015. Lead Project Manager III- Reported to Executive Management; Lead Project Manager for IT Security projects throughout the 85 hospitals in the United States.
  • Catholic Health Partners (CHP Network of Hospitals in SW Ohio, NKY and SW Indiana) 2007-2011. Lead Project Manager - Answered to Executive Management; Led cross-functional teams including IT, physicians, nurses, sponsors, and vendors to meet project objectives defined by Executive Management.
  • Midland Guardian/AMIG (Forbes 200) 2005-2007. Project Manager- Responsible for all projects within the Claims and Financial Institution Division (FID). Trained non-IT personnel on Project Management Methodology. Evaluated and re-designed several workflows to improve efficiency and customer service. Reported to CEO, CIO, and PMO Director on progress in FID and Claims departments. Developed the division’s yearly budget and project prioritization matrix for both departments, a process that AMIG is still using today.
  • Cincinnati Financial Corporation (S&P 500) 1995-2005. Business Analyst -Complete management of projects and IT development for Human Resources, Education and Training,  Government Relations, and Executive Committee within CFC.

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Elected Office, Appointment and Membership, & Government Authorizations

  • Kenton County Board of Adjustments- 2008 –2010. Board member      

~Appointed by Judge Executive, Ralph Drees, this zoning board hears applications for conditional use permits, variances from provisions of the zoning ordinance, changes to non-conforming uses and appeals of administrative decisions.

  • Erlanger City Council - 2010--2012-Elected Official                              

~Elected 3rd out of a slate of 15. Appointed to Finance Committee, modernized IT, improved long-term and short-term workflow with learned best practices in business. Greatest annual budget {2011} surplus even with a long overdue salary increase for Police and paid Fireman, without a tax increase.  

  • Commonwealth of Kentucky (Office of the Governor and Finance Cabinet)  -2015-Present-Board Member                                                                          

~Capitol Planning and Finance Advisory Board Member. Appointed by Governor to serve with the Finance Secretary to review all critical pieces of infrastructure and make decisions to modernize and equip KY to be a competitive partner in the global market.

  • United State Department of Defense  -2015-Present-Active Intelligence Community Member                                                                           

~An active Department of Defense (DoD) Clearance. Steve has successfully completed a counterintelligence investigation, interview and financial background check. Used for public security, intelligence gathering, planning and establishing a chain of authority that can react to and meet any known threat.

  • KY Emergency Operation Center/ Homeland Security Fusion Center  2015-Present-Lieutenant Governor Liaison

~Serving with Lieutenant Governor Jenean Hampton, KY adjacent General Stephen Hogan, Emergency Services Director Mike Dossett, Homeland Security Director John Holiday, and KY State Police to ensure KY can meet all natural and manmade threats; whether known or unknown. Additionally, the briefings and weekly analysis of Sensitive intelligence allows KY law enforcement to work with other State, Local and Federal sources to keep our citizens safe with necessary utilities, open communication and commerce flowing.

  • RSLC (Republican State Leadership Committee)-2015-Present- Active Member  (Washington DC). 

~The RSLC is the largest caucus of Republican state leaders in the country. Our mission is to elect Republicans to down-ballot, state-level offices.

  • RLGA (Republican Lt. Governors Association)-2015-Present- Active Member  (Washington DC). 

~ Across the nation, Republican lieutenant governors serve as a state’s second-in-command and perform critical tasks overseeing small business recruitment, heading economic development, administering fair elections, maintaining homeland security and leading disaster recovery. Republicans currently hold 31 of the 45 lieutenant governor offices nationwide, including 14 of the 20 independently elected positions and 17 of the 25 team-elected/appointed seats. 

  • White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs -2018- Present-State Leadership Representative and Liaison for the Lt. Governor of KY.

~Chief communicator and participant in all White House conference calls and weekly reports.  Discussion of critical issues and key factors pertaining to State/Federal Governmental Operations.

  • United States Aeronautics and Space Administration. 2016-Present-Member

~Serving with Lieutenant Governor,Jenean Hampton, to ensure KY is active in the Aeronautics and Space Administration. In 2015 KY’s number one export was in this industry. With the US Presidential, Military, NASA, Red Stone Arsenal, Airline manufacturers and Government contracted agencies such as Saffron, Lockheed Martin & Raytheon relationships now well established, we can start to make a dramatic impact on KY’s role in the global market.

~Serving with Lt.Governor Jenean Hampton and Stewart Ditto, -The goal to promote and grow the aerospace industry in Kentucky. 

~Lieutenant Governor Hampton, Adrienne Southworth, Ruth LeMaster and the KY Innovation Network. The Lieutenant Governor’s Entrepreneurship Challenge (LGEC) is a pitch competition for all Kentucky high school students grades 9-12.  The goal is to introduce students to a realistic business environment, highlight entrepreneurial values, promote business ownership, and encourage lifelong learning. 

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