Steve Knipper: A Modern Secretary of state

Today's Secretary of State

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  • Technology has changed the world. KY's next Secretary of State must possess Business, I.T., and Cyber Security skills to keep elections safe, protect voter data, and make KY inviting for new business. 
  • Traditionally, the Secretary of State has been an Attorney.  As a result, Kentucky has fallen behind other states in voter security. Recently the Secretary of State's office was given a "D" when it comes to cyber security.  
  • Steve has Executive Management experience in IT, Project Management, and national Healthcare organizations. 
  • For the last three years Steve has held a Sr.Level Management position in State Government as Chief of Staff to Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton. As a result, he has developed strong relationships with the IT department, Executive Cabinet, and elected officials at all levels.  These years of relationship building will bring good results for KY!               (Scroll down)


Chief Elections Officer

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  • The Secretary of State is the Chief Elections Officer . In 2015, 18 counties had more registered voters than citizens. Today we have 48 counties and a pending law suit to clean up the rolls. In 2015, Steve was the only Republican brave enough to challenge a well-known incumbent to fix the problem. My opponent in the 2019 primary knew because I spoke directly to him over lunch.  He chose to stay out and not risk his political career with  a loss to Grimes.  I ran because the right thing to do was to stop the problem as soon as you can; not wait for perceived personal gain. Our voter data must be cleaned up and protected. It is the foundation of our citizenship.            
  • We need someone with records retention, IT security, disaster recovery, and risk mitigation exerience.  NOT another attorney.  Steve is the only candidate with the IT and business skills necessary to clean up and protect our voter data.  He has already developed a long range plan with the County Clerks to maintain clean voter rolls and provide election integrity.   (Scroll down)

Advocate of Elections

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  • The Advocate of Elections is another job function of the Secretary of State.  The principal role has always been 'How to increase interest in voting.' 
  • In his time with Lt. Governor Hampton, Steve built relationships with 100's of schools in the Commonwealth. Voter apathy is a large problem, but one that we can overcome--if we start early.  
  • Steve has a plan specifically designed around continually educating and reaching out to high school and grade school students. Unlike prior SOS office-holders, Steve will  follow up with metrics to track progress and to maintain the relationships he has built with our schools.  This will not be a once a year effort.  Instead, it will be a ongoing discussion with our students.                    (Scroll down)                                                                                                                                   


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  • When your boss is a KY Veteran hall of fame member, one gets to understand and greatly appreciate the sacrifices the men and women of our armed forces make to protect our liberty.  "THANK YOU" is not nearly enough to say. If I am your next Secretary of State I will make military voting a priority. I've reviewed other state's processes and discussed with several military personnel what works best for the man or woman stationed overseas and voting. I have a great concept that I will work with the  County Clerks  to make this the best Military voting platform in the country.
  • I have very strong and established relationships with the KY National Guard, various defense departments in the Federal Government, Office of Military Affairs, Office of Veterans Affairs, KY Veteran's Hall of fame. Moreover, I host a monthly meeting with the Lt. Governor and all serving Directors of the above departments. Results of our efforts include: The Bluegrass Challenge's ability to provide diplomas to students enrolled. This effort was thought to be impossible and just last year I attended the first Graduation class. Additionally, research and Legislative efforts were done to make the Governor's vision of KY being the most friendly state to Veterans a reality.  These efforts are showing signs of real progress for both military bases in KY and those who choose to call KY home after retirement.             

Chief Business Officer

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  • The most underutilized role of KY Secretary of State is that of Chief Business Officer.  For years, the SOS has served an administrative role in business filings. Prior office-holders tried to develop a "One Stop Shop" to meet business needs.  But because they lacked both business acumen and IT experience, the "One Stop Shop" is anything but.  It is cumbersome and outdated.  We can do better.  And with the right person in the office, we will do better.  
  • Over the past three years, Steve  has worked with the IT department and various Cabinet Secretaries to develop a state-of-the-art blueprint for the Secretary of State's role in economic growth.   
  • The Bevin administration has brought an influx of new business to the state.  We must have a modern, functional system that gives KY a competitive advantage and brings a higher level of service to KY business owners.  Steve has the expertise and experience to implement such a system.  
  • In 2015, Steve championed the little-known fact that Aerospace is KY's number one industry.  In his years working with STEM-focused Lt. Governor Hampton, he helped shine even more light on KY's Aerospace industry.  Other achievements include increasing business with military contractors and Kentucky's expansion into international markets, most notably: Estonia, where Steve has been made an honorary "e-citizen" and has been invited to tour the country. 
  • Steve was requested to participate in the International trade exposition (April 2018).  Steve's work with Estonia and mapping out a clear vision of a more technological advanced KY were all factors in the invitation that includes representation from the U.S. Department of Commerce and various States.

I.T./ Cybersecurity

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  • The engine in back of any process, records retention, or advancement is electronic technology.  Technology enhances our efficiencies and cuts down on expense; and in Government that is important! 
  • My track record as an elected official, Transition team member and Chief of Staff to our Lt. Governor has been to greatly reduce the operating budget while increasing services with technology and the knowledge I obtained from some of the best CEO's in the private sector. 
  • As an IT Professional I've worked in the Cyber-security, Information Technology, Business Analysts roles for Fortune 200 and S&P 500 Corporations.  I have worked directly against foreign and domestic cyber threats in order to maintain integrity and security of private data.  As a Secretary of State these are crucial skills to have because there is no need for expensive outsourcing or lack of experience in the event of a breach. I had the responsibility of protecting the country's second largest Hospital group. In my time with them we never had a hijack or breach of data that compromised patient, financial and operational data or access for 85 hospitals including a multitude of electronic peripherals per each hospital. 
  • As part of the Bevin Transition team, I evaluated the state's data facilities and made recommendations.  In 2015, my program Zoeticode assisted me in making the strongest and ONLY opposition to the Democrat's well funded opponent.  In 2015, the final vote was short by less than 2%.  In 2019, let's make it right and move KY forward!