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Knipper is the best choice

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  "Knipper has consistently put the integrity of Kentucky’s electoral process first and foremost in his comprehensive plan for our commonwealth, and, with his 15+ years in cybersecurity, Knipper holds  national security clearances with the FBI, Homeland Security, Armed Forces and several other government organizations, and was most recently asked by the United States Air Force Research Lab to assist in keeping America’s networks secure for our soldiers as well as to help maintain American technological superiority.

I could go on and on about why my friend, Steve Knipper, is the best person to clean up the mess that has become our Secretary of State’s office but go to his website and see for yourself. We need to make it right. Vote Knipper, Secretary of State, in 2019!"


-Mayor Andrew H. Scott, Mayor of Coal Run, Chairman, Big Sandy Area Dev Dist Commissioner, Breaks Interstate Park Commissioner, KY Fire Commission Executive Board, SOAR.  11/24/2018

Knipper is Leadership


“I am excited to have Steve Knipper on our team. His knowledge of the state and his commitment to public service make him an excellent leader for this role.”

  -Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton,  Upon naming Steve Knipper her Chief of Staff. 12/15/2015   (KY Forward Magazine)


"From the beginning of my term, I planned to be a very active Lieutenant Governor, meeting people across Kentucky in order to better understand the issues at hand. The demanding schedule I envisioned required an extraordinarily gifted Chief of Staff. After observing Steve Knipper's work ethic and resourcefulness during his 2015 campaign, he was an obvious choice.

Steve Knipper has served me well as Chief of Staff for over three years. His unique blend of project management experience, information technology expertise, political insight and problem solving skills have made it possible for me to be involved in entrepreneurship, veterans affairs, education, aerospace/aviation, robotics, and much more. My staff and I have assisted many people who turned to my office for help after finding none elsewhere. I'm proud that all my staffers have servants hearts, and we will continue joyfully serving Kentucky throughout the remainder of my term."

 -Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton, 1/31/2019

Knipper has Experience


"Great race, against long odds...nonetheless, a wonderful race. You'll get em' next time!"

Senator Rand Paul   Discussing the 2015 razor thin 51% to 49% Secretary of State's race"   11/5/2015  

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Knipper is Dependable


"I have seen you do an amazing job as an I.T. Project Manager in the healthcare industry, You have my vote!"

 Julie S. Turner,  Director CHI  2/23/2018

Take Back Kentucky Endorses Knipper

Steve Knipper best Secretary of State endorsed by TBK Take Back Kentucky Trump and Knipper  Win

Take Bake Kentucky fully endorsed Steve Knipper for their choice for 2019 SOS citing Steve's experience, skill set and focus on Liberty and smaller government.

Multiple Mayors, Judge Executives give their support to Knipper -Subscribe to Newsletter for list.

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Timely, useful skills that fit the SOS office.