Common Questions Childcare Providers Ask Parents

If you are planning to take your child to a daycare center, you might need to face a few questions from the provider before you can enroll your child. You can prepare yourself by looking at these questions that providers commonly ask parents when enrolling their child at a daycare center.

Do You Have Any Concerns or Questions About the Service?

Parents often go into these interviews with several questions and concerns, and this is your chance to share any of those with the provider. This question aims to make the parent feel more comfortable about leaving their child or children with the provider.

What Has Your Experience Been with Child Care Centers?

Most parents tell stories about good and bad experiences they have had with daycare centers. This question helps providers to learn where the parent is coming from by learning about their past experiences.

Can You Define Your Parenting Style?

This question aims to give parents an opportunity to briefly explain their parenting methodology. Parenting styles can differ a lot from family to family, and this will help the provider to develop a greater understanding of what kind of parenting a child is used to.

How Long Do You Expect Your Child to Be Enrolled?

The daycare centers need to plan, and it is important for them to know for how long you will be planning to enroll your child. If it is a long-term commitment, they need to make enough provisions for your child.

Can You Briefly Tell Us About Your Child?

Parents should briefly tell the provider about the personality of their child. This will also prepare the provider for the kind of child and any special needs that the child may need at the childcare center.

What Expectations Do You have About the Services We Offer?

Every parent that seeks to enroll their child at a daycare center has expectations about the quality of the service. Parents can ask questions about the curriculum, teachers, activities, events, and security at the daycare center.

Families that are involved in their school board or who are politically affiliated may be more comfortable with answering these questions.