About Stephen Knipper: 2019 Kentucky Secretary of State

Steve was part of the 2015 Republican ticket that changed politics in Kentucky

As part of the "Dream Team" ticket in 2015, Steve ran for Kentucky Secretary of State.  Battling a well-funded opponent was difficult, and other Republicans were afraid to do so.  Steve wasn't afraid.  He ran because it was the right thing to do. During the race, Steve brought up issues that, today, are garnering statewide and even national attention.  In 2015 Steve correctly highlighted the security vulnerabilities in our voting system. In February of 2018 a Democratic leaning magazine gave Alison Grimes a "D" on protecting our votes.  "As the only candidate with Information Technology Security experience I will keep the votes safe, private, accurate, and most importantly guarantee that only Kentucky citizens vote in Kentucky elections" -Steve Knipper

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The Knippers

Steve met his wife, Stephanie, when they were seniors in high school.  They dated throughout college and were married in 1994.  

After doctors said that they would never have biological children, they were thrilled to find out that Stephanie was pregnant in 2002.  That joy was short-lived.  Stephanie developed life-threatening complications when she was six months pregnant, and doctors advised the Knippers to terminate the pregnancy.  Convinced it was the right thing to do, they continued with the pregnancy.  

Their son, Zachary, was born ten weeks early.  He was two pounds and fourteen ounces, but amazingly, he was completely healthy!  Though Stephanie was on life support and spent several long weeks in the hospital, she too recovered!

Special Needs

After their son's difficult birth, the Knippers turned to adoption when they wanted to grow their family.  They adopted their daughter, Grace, in 2005.  Her special need was listed as a small heart condition that had already been corrected.  

Her needs turned out to be much greater.  At two-years-old, Grace couldn't walk or talk.  She had autism, developmental delays, seizures, and tuberculosis.  The Knippers were faced with a decision.  They could either leave Grace in China where she would likely die, or they could bring her home.   

Because it was the right thing to do, they brought her home, and their lives have never been the same.  They went on to adopt four more special needs children.  Parenting a large family with multiple medical challenges is difficult, but their faith in Christ has seen them through the many challenges.  They welcomed their first grandchild this year in 2018 and look forward to continuing to serve the people of Kentucky.

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