From 2015 to 2019 - the election vision remains


Under Secretary Grimes and Board of Elections member Michael G. Adams, the problem of having more registered voters than citizens has gone up from 18 to 48 counties!  Triggering a law suit from Judicial Watch to clean it up.

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Veri-VOTE 2019

 An I.T. legal process developed by Zoeticode that exceeds VOTER ID with no cost, no data collection and no additional voter tasks.

Effective county friendly process

The days of FRANKFORT making decisions for our County Clerks are OVER!    The Secretary of State works to support the Clerks, not the other way.

Steve Knipper has years of experience of making new process and workflows both effective and flexible.

2015 brought political change. Can you give your change today? Consider giving $20.19 to help Steve win in 2019!


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In 2015 Steve Knipper was the only Republican willing to take on the problems in the SOS office. Steve raised $41,000 for a statewide race against Alison Grimes, a nationally known incumbent who raised over $670,000.  Steve fell short by only 1.87% of the vote.  If he had just a little more money, he would have won in 2015!  

Please stand with Steve in $20.19 

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